Project Description

How the movable game works?

Movable live escape games

Description of the movable live escape games

The movable version can be just as fun as the fixed game. With the mobile game you can go to any place for any occasion (company events, team buildings, festivals, birthdays, weddings) and bring this experience to the client.  Since you do not need 220 volt network (only to charge the batteries in the games, but a charged battery can hold for weeks)the possibilities are unlimited. You can amuse from 10-20 up to 100-150 persons at the same time. The games are invented, so the teams have to solve separately a game, but in the end all the teams have to work together to solve the last puzzle, by using things they found in the game they have solved.

Currently we have five different games: IQ, Girls, Retro, Sports and Pub. In one game the maximum amount of players can be 10. One game need approx. 20-25 sqm. Some of the games require logic and common sense some physical skills. The team can solve more than just one puzzle at the same time, so no one will be bored.


Different difficulty levels


Who we offer for

People in all ages can enjoy it. Company team buildings, private parties etc.